Scheduling System

Easily schedule appointments with VC, VCP, PRINCIPAL, VP, GM, AM, HASA, and FM without any confusion in regards to date and time

Voucher Redeemer

Please submit your voucher for approval, and once approved, you may collect it from our accounts department..

NAAC Files Manager

NAAC files are consolidated within a single platform, providing ease of access and management.

Book Le'valor Edappal Rooms

Reserve rooms for guest in MDC in Le'valor Edappal.

Add Camp Data

Incorporate photos and videos into the outreach camp data for future reference.

Macity News
Broadcast System

Disseminate important news and announcements to staff, students, parents, and alumni with ease.

Carreers In
Macity & Le'valor

Employment opportunities in the field of your choice in Macity & Le'valor, Explore and submit your application.

Purchase & Intenting
Management System

Provide us with your purchase list and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring timely delivery.

Coming Up Events
Management System

To ensure your event does not conflict with any others, please register here to schedule it.

Students Ragging
Reporting System

Report any instances of hazing or bullying immediately

Sexual Harassment
Reporting System

Don't hesitate to report any incidents of sexual harassment

Reporting System

Our dedicated team is available to address and resolve your grievances.

Civil Engineers
Projects Management

Status of current projects, including completed tasks, projected timeline, and payments received.

Report Bugs
On MDC Connect

If you encounter any issues, please report them directly to our Software Engineer, Mr. Mohammed Jaseem

Macity Contact

Contact Information for Subject Matter Experts

Head - Admissions
& Student Affairs

+91 9995 3333 34

Administrative Manager

+91 7034 5555 63

HR Department

+91 7034 5555 53

Maintenance Head

+91 7034 5555 26

System Admin

+91 7034 5555 12

P R O / Front Office

+91 7034 5555 14